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“self-reliant” is an ongoing photo documentary of the relationships my adult brother with special needs has to the people surrounding him. When he visits us at home, those are most of all his mother. But also his father and siblings interact with him in various ways – and he with them.

1_who are you, getting comforted, are you comfortable? are you cold? do you hate showers? do you love tob e in the water? would you rather watch a film right now?

2_calm and gentle, but vigorous. a mother’s hand. supporting, showing the direction. flexible.

3_quick and nimble, against your wishes. for your health. for your wellbeing. is it? are you well?

4_ refreshed, pouring, sudden waterfalls. all over your face. are you able to breath? are you relaxing?

5_if you don’t want to, if you are falling, this hand catches you. catches but also leads. to where it wants. not you. or maybe you do too?

6_do you know how you look like? do you prefer to be with beard or without? are you scared by the sound? that someone might hurt you?

7_emotions. you are yourself, you act. do you feel it? are you aware of your being?

8_you learnt it when you were young, when you were speaking a lot. when you were lively, running. full of energy, always. i don’t remember it. but the childhood videos document it. do you feel funny? i bet you do.

9_relieved, fresh, clean. survived the cold, the wetness. are you thankful? do you know who cares about you? do you care? are you aware that you are a young man?

10_somehow you can care, for yourself. you can do things. you are active. are you aware?